Friday, February 11, 2011

Sal the Spirit Bear receives more support in bid to become next BC Premier


5 trumpeter swans, an ermin, an albino grizzly bear, 2 cats, a Mexican jumping spider, a 5 million year old sturgeon and a northern flea throw their weight behind Sal the Spirit Bear's bid to become BC Liberal party leader and BC Premier

Sal the Spirit Bear who hails from the north coast of British Columbia is now receiving the support from some other northern BC residents.

5 trumpeter swans who spend most of their time on the Nechako River and nearby wetlands in the northern interior of BC are among the most recent supporters of Sal.

"They don't seem to realize," said the swans in unison, "there are plans to punch through an oil pipeline right by where we live. Do they even know where we live? I mean, good grief!"

The 5 million year old sturgeon could not immediately be reached for comment as he was swimming somewhere in the murky depths of the Nechako River.

"He's with us," said the swans.

The ermin declared she was going to keep on her winter coat until after the leadership race. I have to keep with the Spirit Bear and swans if you get my (snow) drift," she said.

The cats decided to join Sal's camp after being turfed from another candidate's camp.
"And that Prosperity Mine thing really cheesed me off!" said one of the cats.

The grizzly bear, rather grumpy from being woken up early, growled his support for Sal. "Trophy hunting. Nuf said."

The northern flea said this race signifies an important turning point for northern BC to get more attention. "Them big bozos down south get way too much attention," he said. "I mean, enough with the bed bug stories already. I mean, do they even know there are fleas up here? Sucks to be us!"

The Mexican jumping spider travels to northern BC from Mexico each winter to holiday and was interviewed between shots of tequila in a downtown Prince George bar.
"I am here for the P-arty with a capital "P" man, and the bear is the one for the job."

As of date of polling, a bald headed eagle and falcon remained undecided (the latter being no relation to a certain other race contender).