Tuesday, February 26, 2013

planting new seeds

the grungy underside of Prince George, the massive potholes, the pick-up trucks drag-racing through town, the logging trucks blasting down Highway 97, carrying the logs of our remaining forests in both directions...

in the midst, a cool subculture is taking shape and growing here....this past weekend I headed downtown to Ohh Chocolat, a locally owned cafe / chocolate shop on the corner of 6th and George... a big steaming mug of coffee and a chocolate truffle, before heading 1/2 block down the street to the all-year Farmers' Market which is constantly expanding and improving ...  local potatoes, other veggies, fresh salad greens grown down the road in wood-heated greenhouses, wheat from Vanderhoof, baking, preserves, leather craftsmen, a local jewelry designer who works with gold and silver.... awesome place.

From there, it was a quick trip to Seedy Saturday at Exploration Place.  This annual event is also significantly growing in popularity, many people interested in self-sustainability, growing their own food, saving seed, protecting the environment from poisons of pesticides and pollution...

It is interesting how the political and big business leaders seem to have a vision of northern BC as a place to be industrialized and exploited for its natural resources but meanwhile a growing number of locals are forging ahead with creating a new way of being, planting new seeds... 

Here's to the future and the (r)  evolution...!

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  1. Great vision of small seeds taking root and growing despite challenges... I love your blog Mary :-)